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This is the Latest and Greatest in PCB Support Tooling ...... and how do we know that?  We have been inventing, designing, manufacturing and selling PCB Support Tooling for a very long time....... nearly 18 years as a matter of fact.

​More than two dozen First Place Awards for Best Product and more tooling related patents than anyone in the industry in addition to a number of collaborative development projects with the top tier equipment OEM's. 

​ ​

We ​are the Founders, Inventors and Designers of the most prevelant SMT Tooling products on the market like FormFlex, Grid-Lok and Quik-Tool and we've done it again.  A rock solid support platform with nothing left on the table.  This great new product does it all at one low cost and at breakneck speed.  ​We would like to say that we invented this concept but in fact the idea has been around for a long time and we finally made it work with our proprietary ESD safe materials and other patent pending features that make this a true process improvement.

​That's Dedicated support tooling...

​Supports the stencil and squeegee outboard of the print area to greatly reduce defects.....No one else does​ this!

​Shipped within a day for​ $495

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Ace Circuits inc.

"These guys are right.... The tool works right out of the gate!  Our first production run had potential for nearly 1.2 million print defects and we had zero."

Trying it again....... for the price it hardly makes sense not to.


Send us your first-side populated pcb or a 3-d cad model and pay us a few bucks (we deserve it)

​Custom Molded SMT Support Tooling

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We only need your pcb for a short time.  If we have it by noon today we will get it back to you tomorrow along with the best printer or placer tool that you have ever seen so that you can start fighting defects.

​Sure.... you can be the hero but give us some credit too.  Post your comments on this page for all to see.  Shame on us if we don't meet your expectations.

Ok.... Apparently we said something that sparked your interest so let's get started.


Let's Do This


The SMT Tooling team just got back home from the SMTA Exhibition at the Rosemont Convention Center (Chicago) and we are reporting a great trip.  Although we are veterans of the tradeshow, this was our first public showing of ToolMaker and the reception could not have been better.

​We showed off our product to a lot of companies (or as we call them.... new customers), signed on some fantastic new Reps like Steve Stiller and his crew at Electri-Rep (electri-rep.com) and our long-time friends Sue and Jeff Blankenheim from Omni-Tronics ​(www.omni-tronics.com).

​We will let you in on more of this type of news as things move forward.